Handbags faits main in Atlanta

I was born in Paris and spent my youth on the Left Bank, exploring the streets, parks, and gardens—the renowned Jardin du Luxembourg being my very favorite and also, by an unexpected turn of events, my namesake. 

As a teenager I loved to stroll in the Quartier Latin and was fascinated by the stylish boutiques, taking it all in. 

After a brief try the Sorbonne Law School I was ready to become an artist. I started my Art education at the Atelier de Sèvres and went on studying at the L’École de Design Industriel, a modern, Bahaus inspired design school. 

After graduation I moved to New York for several years to work in publishing. I came back to France and to my beloved Paris thinking I’d never leave again. But at a Parisian party in a tiny apartment on #1 Rue Mademoiselle, I met Peter, an American who spoke impeccable French, and who would eventually become my husband. 

We traveled the world together and while starting a family, I kept designing and learning new skills. When living in Switzerland, I went back to school for a diploma in the luxury business at the University of Geneva. I also trained in the art of fine leather working.

A few years ago our family moved to Atlanta. I started my brand Atelier Luxembourg (atelier is the French word for an artist’s workshop) to bring to life all of the handbag ideas I’ve gathered from my studies and travels. I bought a couple of machines and, as we say in France, allez hop, off we go!