Visitors to Atelier Luxembourg at the Buckhead Farmer’s Market may have seen a variety of totes and handbags made from Longhorn cow fur. This unique leather has been a source of design inspiration since I first found it here in America. The rich colors, unusual patterns, and unique feel of Longhorn cow fur result in a striking, memorable bag, whether cinched with a leather ribbon or trimmed with contrasting suede.

Texas Longhorns are descended from Iberian cattle brought by Spanish colonists to the West Indies and later to Mexico and Texas. The Longhorn proved a hardy breed, thriving in the arid Southwest, and recognizable for its long legs and horns that can grow over seven feet across. After Longhorns neared extinction in the early 20th century, ranchers revived the breed, which is now prized as a symbol of the Old West.


Atelier Luxembourg

I was drawn to the distinctive look of Longhorn cow fur and searched many months for a supplier of these rare leathers. Blue roan, strawberry roan, chestnut, and dapple gray—the charmant patterns and colors are featured in some of my most sought-after handbags, which blend a French design aesthetic with an iconic American leather.