Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Atelier Luxembourg makes limited edition and one-of-a-kind classic handbags, inspired by the French culture of style combined with the color palette and materials of the American Southeast.

Whether you choose a traditional tote in Longhorn cowhide or an evening crossbody like le Soir Fou in Tibetan sheepskin or the re-purposed century old Farmers bag, it’s the result of decades of Muriel Luxemburger’s savoir faire and experience. Relocated from Switzerland a few years ago, Muriel is a French/Swiss designer, born and raised in Paris.

“My goal is to create practical handbags. But in doing so, I have in mind that mass production gives us access to too many things and has erased some of our identity. Everyone needs to feel special and unique. So I bring in a memory, an emotion, a story... When I turn a century-old linen grain sack into a bag, I hope its handmade quality and Old World poetry will bring some uniqueness and authenticity to everyday modern life.
One bag at a time.”

Muriel Luxemburger, Owner.